How to choose tools for auto parts processing? (1)

12 April 2022

Processing of new energy vehicle parts-(stator)


The stator is the stationary part of the motor and consists of three parts: the stator core, the stator winding, and the frame. The stator needs to be processed on the inner and outer surfaces and the connecting surface during the machining process, including some drilling and milling processes. The wall thickness of the finished shell of the stator is very thin, and the tolerance and roundness requirements are also very strict. The workpiece also needs to achieve many holes and grooves and non-rotationally symmetrical geometries, which are very difficult to process.


The stator housing is machined on the machine


To sum up, in the machining of the stator, it is necessary to use a lot of high-performance standard tools and special tools. In order to meet this high-performance cutting process, it is necessary to continuously upgrade the tool material. Due to its high hardness and thermal conductivity, the PCD tool has a very sharp edge, and its service life is extremely high when machining aluminum and silicon-aluminum alloys and extremely wear-resistant high-performance non-metallic materials. Generally, each knife can process thousands of workpieces. It has been proved by practice that the tool life can even be increased from the original 3,000 pieces to 70,000 pieces by changing the original carbide tool to a PCD tool, and the economic benefit is very obvious.

The stator housing is machined on the machine


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