How to choose tools for auto parts processing? (2)

19 April 2022
Processing of new energy vehicle parts-(rotor)
The rotor is the main component of high-speed rotation in power machinery or working machinery such as electric motors, generators, gas turbines and turbo compressors.
Rotor imbalance is one of the main reasons for excessive rotor vibration and noise, which directly affects the working performance and service life of the engine. For the unbalanced situation of the rotor, higher machining accuracy is required in the machining process. The machining accuracy directly affects its performance and service life; the machining surface quality and the rotor profile surface quality affect the noise generated when it works.
Processing of new energy vehicle parts
Therefore, for the processing of rotors and high-precision workpieces, we recommend MORE's super-hard material tools, which are more stable, wear-resistant and more efficient.
Superhard material cutting tools will play a more powerful role in the market with diversified manufacturing materials, and will also bring real profits and competitiveness to related manufacturing enterprises.
Processing of new energy vehicle parts
MORE has a range of high-precision PCD tools and provides you with tailor-made grinding solutions, you can choose MORE with confidence, MORE will accompany you to meet any metal cutting challenges you encounter! 
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