Impact Analysis of Chips

19 April 2022


In the previous sharing, we have mentioned the problem of chipping in workpiece processing, Today we are going to discuss further the influence of chipping.

Chipping exists in every PCD tool, some are big, some are small, and its size determines the quality of the PCD tool. Smaller chipping is better.

Now, let’s see what chippings influence the tool and the workpiece.

Chips are generated during workpiece machining

◆◆◆Chipping makes tools dull◆◆◆

It is like a thing when we are using a kitchen knife cut vegetables or meat. We feel hard if use a knife with some chippings on it.

◆◆◆Chipping makes high cutting resistance◆◆◆

High cutting resistance means the tool is dull, it needs more power to cut a work piece.

◆◆◆Chipping makes vibration◆◆◆

We can see the tool vibrates if it has big chippings, even though the tool has very good dynamic balance and concentricity.

◆◆◆Chipping generates noise◆◆◆

We can hear noise when using a tool with big chippings on it. In fact, chipping is not the immediate reason. The noise comes from the high cutting resistance and vibration.

◆◆◆Chipping makes a scratch◆◆◆

Surface quality is an important assessment index for the workpiece. Scratch size decides the surface quality, and chipping size decides the scratch size.

◆◆◆Chipping makes a precision loss◆◆◆

Precision is the primary value to the tool and workpiece. When we are talking about precision control, we are talking about chipping control.

Chipping influences much more than this, we do not list every case. I believe these cases are enough to explain why we do not like chipping, and why we need to reduce chipping.

Chips are generated during workpiece machining

So, here comes a new question, what should we do to reduce chipping, to control chipping?

Maybe in the next sharing, we can find out.


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---EDITOR:Owen Ma

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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