Application of honing technology - precision machining of gearbox gear inner hole

09 May 2022
The honing process is applied to gears, which can process different types of gears such as planetary gears, sun gears, double gears, helical gears and spur gears, and are widely used. The honing tool provided by More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd. can process the inner hole of the gear more accurately, so that the gear can run more smoothly.
The honing process can complete multiple processing steps such as roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and deburring, which can quickly improve work efficiency and save complex processes.
In the honing process, the honing tool is guided by the workpiece, and the accuracy required by the workpiece is achieved by removing the excess allowance of the workpiece. Excellent in improving dimensional accuracy, roundness, straightness, cylindricity and surface roughness of holes and outer circles.
Advantages of honing:
1.Can batch honing, the workpiece surface quality is good, high machining precision
2.Honing cutting allowance is small, processing range
3.Strong ability to rectify holes, fast production tempo, high efficiency.
4.After honing, the fineness of the inner hole of the gear is ≤1 micron.


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Diamond Honing Stone, Honing Stick, Honing head

Diamond Honing Stone, Honing Stick, Honing head

●Use the high quality of diamond and CBN abrasives from Diamond Innovation.

●Standard Grit Size from D251,D213,D181,D151,D126,D107,D91,D76, D64,D54,D46,D35,D20,D15
●We provide super abrasive diamond and CBN honing stone for honing machines of almost all renowned honing brands.
(Sunnen, Nagel, Belden, AccuCut, Engis, and other types of high-production honing equipment).
●Our diamond and CBN honing stones are available for precision bore finishing.
●Bond type: Metal Bonded

Single Pass Diamond Honing Tools, Electroplated Diamond Reamers

Single Pass Diamond Honing Tools, Electroplated Diamond Reamers

•High Precision Single-pass honing tools, single-pass honing reamer (Expansion reamers) 

•Single-pass honing tools: electroplated diamond honing reamer and sintered honing reamer
•Precision bore finishing
•Used on Vertical Honing Machines

Single Stroke Diamond Honing Reamer

Single Stroke Diamond Honing Reamer

•High Precision Single-Pass Honing Tools

•Diameter Range: 4mm to 70mm
•Honing Sleeve Types: Sintered Diamond, Electroplated Diamond
•Used on Vertical Honing Machines for Progressive Honing
•Adopted in automobiles, tractors, power machinery, construction machinery, refrigeration machinery, and the aerospace industry.
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