How to prevent the tool from breaking while working?

09 May 2022

When cutting tools are machining workpieces, breakage sometimes occurs. Common cutting tool damages include: chipping of the cutting edge, chipping of the cutting edge or tip, breakage of the blade or tool, peeling of the blade surface, plastic deformation of the cutting part, thermal cracking of the blade, etc.


How to prevent the tool from breaking while working

After we understand the possible situations, the following is a detailed answer on how to prevent the above situations from happening:
1) According to the characteristics of the processed materials and parts, reasonably select the types and grades of tool materials. Under the premise of having a certain hardness and wear resistance, it is necessary to ensure that the tool material has the necessary toughness;
2) Reasonable selection of tool geometry parameters. By adjusting the front and rear angles, main and auxiliary declination angles, edge inclination angles, etc., it ensures that the cutting edge and the tip have good strength. Grinding the negative chamfer on the cutting edge is an effective measure to prevent chipping;
3) Ensure the quality of welding and sharpening, and avoid various defects caused by poor welding and sharpening. The knives used in key processes should be ground to improve the surface quality and check for cracks;
4) Reasonable selection of cutting amount to avoid excessive cutting force and excessive cutting temperature to prevent tool damage;
5) Ensure that the process system has good rigidity as much as possible to reduce vibration;
6) Take the correct operation method, try to make the tool not bear or less bear the load of mutation.

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