How to easily and efficiently process the heavy intermittent machining of the gear end face?

10 March 2023

Cost reduction and upgrade optimization case of heavy intermittent machining on the end face of passive gear

Customer site workpiece overview


Difficulties in processing:

The holes on the surface of the workpiece are M18 bolt holes, and the size of the surface of the workpiece to be processed is from 273mm to 445mm. The intermittent part is more serious.


Processing part: end face

Processing material: hardened steel

Material grade: 22CrMoH

Workpiece hardness: HRC58-59

Processing method: heavy intermittent processing

Quality requirements: Ra1.6


Processing parameters:

Vc: 260m/min

f: 0.1mm/r

ap: 0.2-0.25mm(roughing)0.1mm(finishing)

cbn inserts


Case of cost reduction and upgrade optimization of gearbox gear end face heavy intermittent machining

Customer site workpiece overview


Processing part: Tooth face 

Processing material: Alloy structural steel

Material grade: 22MnCrS5 

Workpiece hardness: HRC58-63 

Processing method: heavy intermittent processing

Quality requirements: Ra6.3


Processing parameters:

Vc: 160m/min

f: 0.15mm/r

ap: 0.3mm

cbn inserts

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