Influence of reheating on brazing quality of multi-edge PCD tool

26 September 2021

Engine as a key part of the automobile, its cylinder block and cylinder head material is mostly aluminum alloy material, parts of the processing accuracy requirements are high, the traditional tool is difficult to meet the processing requirements, often use PCD reamer and PCD milling cutter to achieve the engine hole and end face processing. In addition, PCD reamer and PCD boring cutter also have important applications in the field of aviation, aviation shell parts have a large number of precision valve holes, in the process of processing is easy to appear size instability, roughness can not be guaranteed, under the premise of ensuring processing accuracy, multi-blade PCD cutter can effectively improve the processing efficiency.

 Engineer processing

In the welding process of multi-edge PCD cutter, the blade often undergoes secondary heating, which will directly affect the welding quality of the cutter. With the increasing market demand of multi - edge PCD cutting tools, many experts and scholars are doing related research. At present, there are few researches on welding of multi-edge PCD cutting tools in China. Daily use mainly depends on import, which increases the cost of cutting tools. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the manufacturing method of multi - edge PCD cutting tools.

 High-frequency induction brazing can be used to realize multiple welding of multi-edge PCD tools. In the welding process, by controlling the cutting tool and the relative position of induction coil and the use of auxiliary cooling device to reduce the effect of secondary heating effect on the cutter welding quality, and with the help of scanning electron microscope (SEM), electron probe, PCD and matrix interface microstructure analysis, element distribution and combination of weld in interface products for testing, The influence of reheating on brazing quality of multi - edge PCD tool was studied.

 PCD tool

Finally, through experiments, it is found that:

(1) The auxiliary heat dissipation device is used to realize the welding of multi-edge PCD cutter, and the influence of secondary heating on the welding quality of cutter is reduced as much as possible.

 (2) The reheating intensifies the fluidity of the filler metal, makes the filler metal diffuse more fully at the weld boundary, and the weld joint surface is closer, which is conducive to improving the strength of the PCD tool weld.

 (3)Reheating leads to aggregation of black areas in the backscattering topography of weld seams, which accelerates the mutual dissolution of Cu and Ni elements and makes the combination of elements closer.




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