MORE- not only focus on metal processing

17 September 2020

MORE- not only focus on metal processing

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Composite materials:

Currently, more and more non-metallic materials are being used rapidly. For example, composites, plastics, ceramics, and countless other materials are being replaced by CFRP. CFRP has become the dominant emerging material in the market, which is widely used in automobile industry, aviation industry and energy industry.


How to Processing of composite materials?

In fact, no chips are produced when processing composites material. Instead, the mechanism of material removal might better be described as "broken".The effect of cutting edge "breaking" rigid carbon fiber is much more than "shearing" material. which will causes cutting edge considerable wear and resulting in rapid wear of the tool.

In the processing of composite materials, the shape of the cutting tool also determines the cutting performance as in other cutting tool applications.

However, the tool base material is also the main factor affecting the cutting performance.

If the tools holder does not guarantee high wear resistance of the cutting edge to maintain the geometric shape of the tool and maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge, the tools will wear out quickly and cause the geometric shape of the tool to change rapidly.



TO process CFRP material, MORE developed a range brazing polycrystalline diamond tool (PCD) and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tips tools with high performance and high precision character.

As well as a series of advanced diamond coated solid carbide tools with a variety of geometric shapes to meet the very demanding needs of today's metal plywood in CFRP and composite industries.


In addition, More also provide the following tools:

PCD/CBN Inserts, counterbore tools for processing countersunk head screw holes, ball head mills, end mills, profile tools, composite drill bits, step reamer, counterbore step-drill bits ( processing countersunk head screw holes)

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


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