MORE Product Recommendations——Pneumatic single-feed and double-feed honing heads

25 October 2022

Pneumatic single-feed and double-feed honing heads(Air gage honing head)

The air gage honing head is equipped with two air tips at 180 degrees.
The air tips are equipped with an air jet in the process of honing. It is a set of instruments for air cushioning. In the process of honing, the mill head measures the air film of the quilted steel parts online.
The thickness of the air film changes from thin to thick, the honing head measures the thickness of the air film at the air injection, and it automatically stops measuring when the measured size is reached.
 Honing head
Air gage honing head is used in small engines, hydraulic valves/bodies, fuel injectors, gears, compressor parts, turbocharger housing and cylinder blocks and cylinder liners for automobiles, motorcycles and other industries.
Honing headHoning head
MORESUPERHARD honing head is made of imported materials and exquisite technology, which solves the platform grid problem encountered by customers. Our honing heads and diamond/CBN honing sticks are available with Shanneng, Green, Fuji, Nagel and other honing equipment.
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