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24 October 2022

A diamond turning tool that can process super mirror surface

Diamond Turning Tool



It is suitable for processing all kinds of workpieces with high finish and high roughness requirements, such as contact lens processing, high-end glasses processing, automotive aluminum parts processing, copper material processing, acrylic high-transparency processing.

Diamond turning tool processing lens Diamond Turning Tool for Contact Lenses

Diamond Turning Tool Mirror Finishing

Diamond Turning Tool Details:
Blade material: single crystal diamond
Knife body material: machine card blade
Applicable lathes: high-precision CNC lathes
Parameter customization:
Body Standard machine card blade
Front corner
Back angle 10°-15°
Included angle 35°-55°
Diamond Turning Tool Features
●Easy to load and unload, which solves the problem of processing efficiency of some workpieces very well
●Extremely sharp cutting edge enables ultra-thin cutting thicknesses
●Very high service life and dimensional stability
Diamond Turning Tool
Precautions for use
Selection of tool specifications
  1. Select the matching tool parameters for the processed product
  2. Select the corresponding specification tool according to the processed product
Tool clamping and wiping
  1. When the tool is clamped, handle it with care, and the tool head cannot make contact
  2. Wipe the cutter head with a clean foam stick dipped in industrial alcohol
  3. Put the tool back in the tool box after disassembly
Diamond Turning Tool
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