When our customers need PCD reamers, we do these things

19 October 2022


With the light weighting of machining products, more and more workpieces use aluminum alloy materials, of which more and more aluminum alloy materials in the automotive industry, such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, intake and exhaust bristles, thermostat seats, rocker arms in the power part;

PCD reamer


In the transmission part, the transmission shell, the transfer housing; Steering gear housing in the steering section; Steering knuckles, wheels, air conditioning cylinder blocks, brake calipers and so on in the chassis system. These are some of the products I have learned about, and many parts that I do not know are also made of aluminum alloys.


At present, diamond tools are most suitable for the processing of aluminum alloys, which have the characteristics of long life, stable processing, high controllability, high dimensional accuracy, outstanding cost performance, etc., so they are used by more and more manufacturers.


Diamond tools are mainly used in two aspects: surface milling and inner hole machining in box machining.
Face milling: aluminum alloy cutter head with face milling blade or clip, with polishing the edge, can ensure surface roughness and other requirements.
Internal hole machining: PCD boring blade, used for rough and fine boring, composite boring, generally used for large hole processing; PCD reamers, usually between D5MM-D32MM and the length-diameter ratio between 1-10, can be used for non-standard composite, drilling, expansion, hinge, and scandium multi-process composite.
Pictured are some of MORESUPERHARD's PCD reamers.
When our customers need PCD reamers, we do these things——
Data Collection:
- the customer information part:
Company name? Address? Contact? Phone? Date? Monthly workpiece output? How old is the production line?
Processing environment part:
1. Machine tool? Imported domestic? How old is it? Overall rigidity? Spindle runout?
2. Tool holder? BT? HSK? Hydraulic pressure? Pyrocondensation? Float? Split flange? Internal cold?
3. Hydraulic pneumatic fixture? Is the installation reliable?
4. Cutting fluid brand? Type? Concentration? Coolant pressure?
Tool Information Section:
1. Hole size tolerance? Hole length? Preamble margin?
2. What are the geometric tolerance requirements? Surface Roughness RA? RZ? Roundness? Cylindrical? Straightness?
3. Hole type through the hole? Blind holes? Are there conjunctive holes? Step holes?
4. Non-standard compounding? Drilling, reaming, reaming, hole chamfering, hole bottom hole surface countersink plane, and another multi-process compounding?
5. Workpiece material? What is the composition of silicon SI in the aluminum alloy? Are there any special elements added?
6. Draw a sketch of the workpiece
Cutting and tool section:
1. Current reamer speed? Feed? Life span? Cause of failure?
2. Is the reamer cold? Problems that often occur in previous manufacturers' products? Precautions? Does the customer advise?
3. Sketch the reamers


A seemingly simple straight-handled PCD reamer involves a lot of knowledge because every PCD reamer is a non-standard production!
The reamers are: blade diameter, shank diameter, end teeth, total length, chip evacuation groove length, internal cooling, number of cutting edges, runout, PCD sheet size, edge, blade belt, chamfer, chamfer, back angle, blade belt, etc., any professional manufacturer can produce composite drawing requirements according to the drawings, but may not meet the customer's requirements! Because there are a lot of details inside!
1. PCD edge has: 30°X0.5 chamfer type, 0.5X0.5 chamfer type, and rounded corner type;
2. The back angle has a single 7°, 10°, 15° type back angle, and 7° + 15° secondary back angle;
3. The blade has a 0.1 narrow edge band, a 0.3-0.5 wide blade belt, and a 0.4 round blade belt;
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