Method of grinding end milling cutter

30 April 2021

Grinding of end milling cutter edge
Use the original tool rest R8 chuck to hold the milling cutter handle, turn the end milling cutter grinding accessories at 90° level, pull up the limiting screw, turn the tool rest to 360 degrees to turn the tool rest to the position of the grindable end edge, and then grind out the Angle inclination of the end edge according to the degree of the Angle of the end cutting edge, pay attention to the feeding way when grinding. After grinding, use the tool rest indexing device to turn the tool 45 degrees (4 edges) or 90 degrees (2 edges) to grind another edge tooth.

Grinding of side edge of end mill
The original tool rest table is replaced with the milling cutter grinding accessories table. Insert the R8 elastic sleeve into the tapered hole of the milling cutter attachment table. Insert the end milling cutter of the appropriate diameter dimension into the R8 sleeve and secure it so that the end milling cutter will not turn. Position the end mill cutter above the center of the grinding wheel. Rotate the tool rest table of 0-40 degrees according to the degree of the back Angle of the side edge of the milling cutter, so that the accessory table of the end milling cutter can adjust the appropriate grinding Angle. With the end milling cutter grinding accessories on the guide adjustable bracket fixed groove needle to adhere to the end milling cutter side edge spiral groove guide guide, and then directly from front to back free rotation (by guide guide) to promote the hand part of the front and back twitch grinding method to grind the spiral edge of the back corner of the milling cutter. When the main back Angle is grinded, the secondary back Angle is grinded, and the guide adjustable bracket fixing needle is inserted into the spiral groove of the second inclination, and then grinded as if it were the first inclination.



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