Notes for the use of indexable boring cutter

29 April 2021

When installing the tool, pay special attention to cleaning.
Cleanliness must be paid attention to in each link of installation and assembly, whether the boring tool is rough machining or fine machining. The assembly of the tool handle and the machine tool, the replacement of the blade and so on, should be wiped clean, and then installed or assembled.


For preset cutting tool, its dimensional accuracy, good condition, must meet the requirements.
Indexable boring tool, in addition to the single edge boring tool, generally do not use manual cutting method, so the pre-processing is very important. (although the tool factory manufacturers have been preset, but before processing or can not neglect this step), the preset size must be accurate, to adjust in the lower limit of tolerance, and consider due to temperature factors, correction, compensation. Tool presetting can be carried out on a special presetting instrument, an in-machine tool calibrator or other measuring instruments.


Check the dynamic runout of the tool after installation.
Dynamic runout check is a comprehensive index, which reflects the precision of machine tool spindle, tool precision and the connection precision of tool and machine tool. This precision if more than the required accuracy of the machining hole 1/2 or 2/3 can not be processed, need to find out the reason and eliminate, to carry out. This point operator must bear in mind, and strictly implement. Otherwise, the holes processed will not meet the requirements.


Tool performance testing.
The life of each part of the tool should be determined by statistical or testing methods to ensure the reliability of machining accuracy and the economy of processing.


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