New energy vehicle motor shell processing program

13 January 2021

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


The motor housing is an important component of the new energy vehicle motor drive system. It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, strict surface quality requirements, and complex contour shapes, which directly affect the main performance of the new energy vehicle.


When processing the motor housing, will you face the following challenges?

· How to achieve higher dimensional accuracy and geometric tolerances of parts?

· Cylindricity, roughness, concentricity, etc.

· How to choose inserts and cutting parameters when machining steel bearing holes?

· Select the machining strategy and tool structure according to the size of the spindle · Sometimes it is necessary to machine the outer diameter on the machining center (such as the inner shell)


PCD finishing face milling cutter


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


-Cutter diameter 40-250 mm

-Configuration of localized standard products, multiple blade combinations and fast -delivery response mechanism

-The large diameter cutter head is made of aluminum alloy material, suitable for high-speed processing

-Using adjustable tool holder design, precise adjustment of end tooth runout, can obtain higher surface finish and tool life

-Close-tooth structure design can achieve higher production efficiency

-The cutter head adopts unequal pitch design to suppress vibration Blade groove adopts dovetail groove structure, high safety




pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Non-standard bridge board rough boring tool

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


-The high tool dynamic balance design ensures processing stability.

-Step boring tool design, remove the margin of multiple step sizes at one time

-The tool body is made of aluminum alloy material, which reduces the weight of the tool and the overturning moment, which is convenient for automatic tool change by the machine tool manipulator


Non-standard guide strip fine reamer


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


-The design of the guide-type adjustable fine reamer can easily handle the processing of 6-level holes.

- The dimensional stability of production is better.

PCD multi-blade precision reamer


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


-High-efficiency finishing solutions for bearing holes

-Reamers with micro-compensation mechanism can improve efficiency while obtaining higher dimensional accuracy and tool life




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