More Superhard product recommendation—PCD large arc milling insert

05 August 2023

PCD Tool Model: VCGT160430

PCD Insert

A customer from Iran asked us about this PCD milling inserts.
In the beginning, we didn’t know that the customer used milling and thought that the customer used the most commonly used turning. 
So after the first batch of tools arrived in the customer’s hands, the feedback effect was very general. 
Later, after in-depth communication, we learned about the customer’s processing method is milling, which is used to re-finish the surface of the workpiece.
According to the customer's processing method and use feedback, we have modified the production process. After using it for the second time, I got feedback from customers that the surface finish and tool life are relatively good. This is a very cost-effective insert.
What is the difference between turning and milling? Why is it just the difference in processing methods that can have such an impact on the customer's use?
The pcd inserts include milling inserts, turning inserts, chip breaker PCD inserts, non-standard PCD inserts, etc.
There are rake angles, rear angles, flat angles, and chip breakers.


Milling inserts a rotating tool with one or more teeth for milling.
When working, each tooth cuts off the allowance of the workpiece intermittently. The milling insert is mainly used to process planes, steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting off workpieces, etc.
As for the pcd turning insert, the tip of the turning blade is a bit sharper.
Turning is one of the most widely used tools in cutting. The turning blade has positive rake angles and grooves to facilitate chip breaking because the working part of the pcd turning blade is to generate and process chips The part of the cutting tool, including the cutting edge, the structure that breaks or rolls up the chip, the space for chip removal or chip storage, the channel of cutting fluid and other structural elements.
The processing of turning inserts and milling inserts is also different during production and processing.
We may not be able to see it with the naked eye, but the cutting-edge treatment of the tool is completely different.
With the efforts of More SuperHard engineers, we have perfectly solved the problem for customers.
Choose More Superhard Products Co., Ltd., we will always be by your side to help you meet and overcome any metal-cutting challenge you encounter!
---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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