Diamond honing reamer use precautions

12 August 2023

diamond honing machine

Diamond honing reamer cylindrical surface coated with diamond abrasives grinding the hole wall, reamer taper sleeve, and tool rod for small taper, change the matching position can change the reamer diameter.
The honing reamer is also through this way to adjust the outside diameter size, adjusting the division can reach a micron, when the honing reamer wear, can increase.
The diamond honing reamer can achieve micron grinding, and the smallest honing reamer can reduce the margin by 1μm.
The diamond honing reamer is equipped with the right joint, tooling, and machine tool to achieve the highest accuracy of the inner hole. 
Cylindricity: within 1μm. 
Roundness: within 1μm. 
Roughness: within Ra0.1. 
Tolerance: within 1μm.
1. The valve hole must be cleaned before processing, and no iron filings can be left.
2. The adjusting screw before and after the honing reamer only plays the role of adjusting the size, and it must be loosened when working, otherwise the deformation of the tool body will affect the processing accuracy.
3. In case of not working, the honing reamer should be adjusted to the minimum size, exit the tool body, traces appear on the tool body, can be ground to remove burring, and generally can continue to use. If the tool body is deformed, the processed valve hole can only be abandoned if it does not meet the accuracy requirements.
4. After the honing reamer is used for a period of time, there are white highlights on the tool body, which are iron chips embedded in the above and can be repaired with an oil stone.
5. The taper of the tool body and the toolbar is 1:50, the tool body moves 1mm on the toolbar, and the outside diameter is increased by 0.02mm
honing reamerhoning reamer
---EDITOR: Sarsh Shi/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee


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