Why is the honing process required in machining?

16 August 2023
The honing process is conducive to oil lubrication, so its surface texture characteristics are good, and honing deformation layer is very thin, with less heat, and the surface is not easy to burn. 
The precision of honing processing is high, and high dimensional accuracy can be obtained, with an error of only 2-3μm, and it can also correct the shape errors (such as roundness and cylindricity) and surface corrugations that occur in a process before honing. 
honing stick
Honing medium aperture, roundness can reach 3-5μm, honing can not correct the hole position deviation, the hole axis straightness and hole position and other accuracy must be guaranteed by a process before honing. 
The reciprocating speed of honing processing can increase the cross Angle of the mesh, which can quickly remove the honing allowance and pass error, and improve the efficiency.
honing stick
Advantages of honing:
It has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, wide processing range, long processing life of the workpiece, good surface quality, high processing accuracy, good geometry of the repaired workpiece, high hole correcting ability, small cutting allowance, etc. It is suitable for the modern machinery industry with high efficiency and strong honing machining.
Automobiles, tractors, hydraulic parts, construction machinery, bearings, aviation, machine tool industries, etc., can use honing processing.
---EDITOR: Sarsh Shi/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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