Application of PCD groove cutter in piston processing

17 August 2023


Recently, many Indian customers have consulted us about the tools used in piston processing.
The PCD groove cutters and outer turning tools produced by More SuperHard are very popular.
After showing our past success stories to this customer, the customer expressed his praise for our products and services, and then sent us the drawings of the parts he needs to process and the cutting tools he uses.
groove tool
According to the drawings, what the customer needs are three groove tools of different specifications. After communicating with the customer, we learned that the three tools process the piston at the same time. We made a quotation according to the customer's use requirements.
After the quotation, the customer sent us the drawing of the PCD piston outer circle turning tool and asked us, and we also gave the customer a very suitable solution.
turning tool
Pistons are made from aluminum with high silicon content, resulting in a very abrasive material.
High-silicon aluminum alloy has higher hardness and wear resistance than other aluminum alloys.
When cutting, the cutting tool alternately cuts soft aluminum-based and hard silicon particles, the carbide insert are easy to wear and also easily produce BUE, which will affect the roughness and processing accuracy.
In order to avoid the BUE and work hardening, the cutting edge must be sharp and the cutting edge must be smooth. PCD tool just meets all these requirements. Machining such material requires high wear resistant tooling, such as cutters and inserts made of PCD.
In general, the use of PCD cylindrical cutter is the best choice for machining the diameter of the piston and the piston head.
More SuperHard provides the best products and services for precision grooving, turning, boring, internal and external facing and chamfering of pistons.
---EDITOR: Erin Zhang/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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