Customer case - PCD inserts processing spectacle lenses (plastic, resin, polycarbonate)

27 August 2023
Recently, we welcomed a Brazilian customer who needed PCD inserts to process spectacle lenses.
When receiving the customer's request, we first confirmed to the customer whether it was the lens of the camera or the lens of the glasses we usually wear.
The customer told us it was a spectacle lens.
The following product information is obtained after our professional engineers communicate with customers:
Model: RCGT10T3
Processing method: finishing continuous processing
Processing materials: plastic, resin, polycarbonate
The tool used by the customer before the Carbide blade
Customer demands:  Improve the durability of the knife and improve the flatness of the processed mirror surface
Polycarbonate is a high-performance, tough, amorphous, transparent thermoplastic polymer. It's light and a great alternative to glass. It is easily processed when melted, pressed into molds with high pressure, and easily molded and thermoformed. With high impact strength, high dimensional stability, and good electrical properties.
Plastic, resin, and polycarbonate are common eyeglass lens materials.
During the communication process, the customer also raised some questions that he wanted to know.
For the workpiece and material he needs to process, do we recommend PCD tools or CBN tools?
PCD is more suitable for processing materials:
It is suitable for processing non-ferrous metals and non-metals and has good cutting ability for all non-ferrous metals and their alloys such as copper, aluminum, manganese, gold, silver, magnesium, etc.
Cutting tools are widely used in automobile engines, pistons, wheel hubs, bearing bushes, connecting rods, optical instruments, motor industries, and processing wear-resistant non-metallic materials such as ceramics, glass, glass fiber, engineering plastics, graphite, nylon, carbon fiber, etc.
CBN is more suitable for processing materials:
Suitable for processing various ferrous metals and their alloys. Most suitable for various hardened sheets of steel (carbon tool steel, bearing steel, die steel, high-speed steel).
Processing of pearlitic gray cast iron (vanadium pot cast iron), chilled cast iron, superalloy (nickel-based alloy, diamond-based alloy), and surface spraying and surfacing.
Therefore, we told the customer that for the polycarbonate material of eye lenses, we recommend the use of PCD inserts for processing.
After that, we provided the customer with the video of this type of blade produced by MORE SUPER HARD.
pcd inserts
As shown in the video, this tools is equivalent to having several blades. After the blade is worn out, it can be used again after adjusting the direction.
Generally speaking, the price-performance ratio is very high.
Brazilian customers are very satisfied with our services and products, and are currently confirming orders with customers.
Choose More Superhard Products Co., Ltd., we will always be by your side to help you meet and overcome any metal-cutting challenge you encounter!
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