Influence of Diamond Tool Edge Waviness on Workpiece Surface Shape

01 September 2023
In the sharpening process of single-crystal diamond tools, there must be errors, so that there is a certain degree of waviness at the cutting edge.
Tool waviness is the error of the ups and downs of the arc surface of the tool edge relative to the ideal circle, which is obtained by subtracting the radius of the inscribed circle from the radius of the circumscribed circle of the undulations.
The compound error generated by the radius and horizontal offset error caused by the waviness of the tool edge will affect the surface shape accuracy of the machined parts, and the surface shape accuracy seriously affects the imaging quality of the optical parts, so the research on the tool edge The influence of waviness on the surface shape of the workpiece is of great significance.
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In the turning process, the influence of the error caused by the combination of the level adjustment error formed by each cutting point on the cutting edge and the tool edge radius offset error on the surface shape error of the workpiece is analyzed.
The waviness error of the sinusoidal curve simulation It belongs to the intermediate frequency error, and the waviness of the cutting edge changes at the sub-micron level, so that some interference cutting will occur during the cutting process.
However, this has little effect on the surface deviation of the workpiece surface, so the interference that occurs during the actual cutting process is not considered. 
The phenomenon only considers the surface error of the workpiece surface corresponding to different cutting points on the edge waviness and analyzes the processing of workpieces with the same caliber under different tool edge waviness and the processing of workpieces with different calibers under the same tool edge waviness. 
Four advantages of using our diamond single-point turning tool products:
Long tool life: The life of the tool is an important factor affecting the machining process.
In the process of processing infrared lenses, especially hard material lenses such as silicon aspheric surfaces, frequent tool replacement will consume a lot of assembly time, reduce the output per unit time, and thus significantly increase the overall production cost.
The use of our products can effectively solve this problem.
Faster processing speed: The quality of our cutting tools is reliable, and we can choose high rotation speed and feed speed for the same product surface (we can reach 2-2.5 times in the actual processing process) to improve production efficiency.
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Better product surface processing quality: Our precision processing capability and testing equipment can ensure that the product can meet the high waviness index required by customers. In machining, a tool with a high waviness index can lead to better surface quality.
Reduce unnecessary steps such as follow-up tool grain correction. 
High-quality customer service: Our company's intelligent system can provide real-time tool information tracking and query services, whether it is our own products or the tools that have been repaired by us.
We will provide a detailed inspection report, in addition to the conventional parameters, PV value, and waviness curve, it also includes tool maintenance times, current maintenance consumption, and expected remaining maintenance times. Make you have a comprehensive understanding of your Tools.
---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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