More Superhard Product Recommendation—Single crystal diamond tip turning tool

03 September 2023

A forming tip-turning tool for high-precision and high-demand machining


Diamond Tools


Application range

Applied to Fresnel mold, V-groove processing, precision mechanical parts processing
Product Details
Cutter head material: single crystal diamond 
Cutter body material: Carbide
Applicable lathe
Horizontal precision lathe
Parameter customization

Front angle

Rear angle




1. The tool has a strong service life and dimensional stability 
2. Extremely hard, the edge is durable in high-precision cutting 
3. The cutting edge is free of defects, the shape of the edge will be copied on the processing surface during cutting, and the processing of V-shaped grooves can achieve a mirror effect
Precautions for use
Tool specification selection
 1. Select matching tool parameters for processed products
 2. Select the tool holder size according to the tool clamping
Tool clamping and wiping
 1. When the tool is clamped, handle it with care, and the tool head cannot make contact
 2. Wipe the cutter head with a clean foam stick dipped in industrial alcohol
 3. Put the tool back into the toolbox after disassembly. Do not take out the tool and place it alone to avoid damaging the tool head
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