Why can't PCD tools process steel parts?

06 September 2023
PCD tool, also known as polycrystalline diamond tool, is a superhard tool material made of diamond and other superhard materials sintered at high temperature and high pressure.
Customers often ask whether it is possible to process steel parts.
Although PCD cutting tools have extremely high hardness and wear resistance, why can't they be used to process steel parts?
There are mainly the following reasons
1. Difference in hardness
Although the hardness of PCD tools is higher than that of steel parts, the hardness of steel parts is also between HV 300-500.
This is because steel is a high-carbon alloy with relatively high hardness and strength. Therefore, when processing steel parts, the hardness advantage of PCD tools is largely offset.
2. Chemical reaction
During the high-temperature cutting process, the iron element in the steel part and the carbon element in the PCD tool react chemically at high temperatures.
The carbon in PCD likes to run into the carbon steel. The rapid wear of PCD and the change of the surface physical properties of the carbon steel can easily lead to The PCD tool wearing the cutting edge.
3. PCD cutting tools are not heat-resistant
Thermal stability, impact toughness, and wear resistance are the main performance indicators of PCD cutting tools.
When the temperature is higher than 750°C, the wear resistance and impact toughness of PCD cutting tools generally decrease by 5%-10%, and when the temperature exceeds 800°C They will carbonize and lose their cutting ability.
The thermal stability of PCD has a great impact on its wear resistance and impact toughness.
To sum up, due to differences in hardness, chemical reactions, and processing materials, appropriate tools should be selected. Therefore, although PCD tools are a kind of superhard tool material, they are super hard and durable, but some materials are not necessarily processed by PCD tools. Well, it is not suitable for processing steel parts, and the appropriate tool should be selected according to the material to be processed.
Generally speaking, PCD tools containing iron elements cannot be processed, and can only process non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, and non-metallic materials such as graphite and carbon fiber.
If you need to process steel parts, you can choose other tool materials, such as carbide, ceramic, CBN tools, etc.
For different processing requirements, we have a variety of options such as PCD/tungsten carbide, ceramic/CBN milling cutters, reamers, forming cutters, drill bits, blades, cutter heads, and non-standard cutter customization to tailor a complete tool processing solution, Welcome to consult.
---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee


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