The Difference Between Grinding Rack and Milling Rack

22 September 2021

Grinding rack refers to the rack after heat treatment, to the tooth surface and all sides of grinding treatment, grinding off burr and deformation, improve the accuracy of the rack, the general grinding rack accuracy is German standard 5 and 6 level accuracy, accuracy can reach 0.022mm. Fine milling rack is divided into two kinds, the first is the rack after conditioning treatment, grinding all around, tooth surface is not grinding, the accuracy is generally 0.044MM, that is, German standard 8 level accuracy. The second is the rack to do heat treatment to make the hardness to 45 degrees, do all around grinding, tooth surface is not grinding, the accuracy is generally in 0.06MM, that is, 10 degree accuracy.

Grinding rack

1、Grinding rack and fine milling rack tooth surface treatment is not the same, the former uses grinding tooth surface treatment, the latter uses fine milling (precision milling pin) tooth surface treatment.

2、Grinding rack for grinding rack, high strength, high wear resistance, small surface roughness, small tooth distance error, high speed smooth movement, no vibration abnormal, high precision, can reach or even more than 5 precision. The basic principle of grinding is that under a certain pressure, the grinding agent is added between the tool and the workpiece, or between the workpiece and the workpiece, and the abrasive in the grinding agent is micro cutting the workpiece.

Grinding rack Grinding rack

3、 The level below 7 ,the rack need grinding processing, and 7 above the need not grinding processing.

4、Grinding rack drive is a kind of efficient transmission mode, usually used in the application of large axial force, stroke is more than 2 meters of application, high-precision linear movement and other high-end rack and pinion drive.

5、The precision milling rack needs to go through several precision processing procedures, to ensure that the tooth surface deformation is small, high consistency. As for the choice of which product depends on the actual application requirements of customers, because such products are non-standard customization, can meet the special requirements of different customers (such as tooth surface material quenching, induction quenching, laser quenching, etc.).




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