The design and use of lathe chucks

19 May 2024
A lathe chuck is one of the most important elements of lathe equipment, a special clamping device for precise fastening of a workpiece, part, or cutting tool on the machine. Thanks to the use of a lathe chuck, a variety of sizes, and designs, the functionality of the lathe is significantly increased, and it becomes possible to process parts with complex profiles.
Lathe chucks
Design and purpose
There are several types of lathe chuck designs, classified according to the method of clamping the part and purpose:
▶Jaw chucks are the most widely used and suitable for most applications. They consist of several movable segments for fixing parts. They have a lot of varieties. They can be 2-, 3- and 4-jaw, membrane, lever, etc. They are divided into self-centering and independent cams.
Lathe chucks
▶Collet chucks - consist of a retractable, retractable, or stationary collet, through which the part is secured. They are divided into clamping and feeding. Clamping collets are used for rotary clamping of parts with a previously pre-treated surface, feed collets are used for fastening cold-drawn workpieces.
A lathe chuck, designed for fastening workpieces, is placed on the front headstock of the machine. Drill chucks can be installed on the back for fixing various working tools - drills, countersinks, reamers, etc. The chucks can have a cylindrical or conical fit. In the first case, an additional flange is required for fixation on the spindle; chucks with a conical fit are fixed without additional devices.
Lathe chucks
Choosing a lathe chuck
The best option would be to select equipment designed for a specific lathe model, guaranteeing an exact match in size and configuration. The accuracy and configuration of the workpieces depend on the number of jaws in the lathe chuck. Two are enough to hold shaped castings, three – for hexagonal and round parts, 4-jaw – for parts with rectangular and square profiles and asymmetrically shaped workpieces.
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