The structure of the CBN Cutting Tools

23 April 2023
With the rapid development of the machinery manufacturing industry, more and more difficult-to-machine materials and superhard materials are widely used, and the machining tools are also facing severe tests.
It is an inevitable trend to develop various superhard cutting tools with good wear resistance, strong thermal stability, and excellent impact resistance. High-efficiency machining, hard machining, dry machining, ultra-precision machining, and new difficult-to-machine material processing are the development directions of the cutting tool industry.
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CBN cutting tools are currently the most advantageous cutting tool materials when processing high-hardness and difficult-to-machine ferrous metal materials, and are necessary cutting tools for precision and ultra-precision machining in the future.
Today, CBN tools are highly competitive in many machining processes in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment.
Installing CBN tools on a rigid machine tool can give full play to the performance of CBN tools. In various machining applications, CBN tools provide manufacturers with a greater choice of cutting tools, allowing them to save costs and increase productivity.
Classification of structural forms of CBN tools
(1) Solid CBN tool
Solid CBN cutting tools have good wear resistance and impact resistance, especially for processing cast iron materials with less than 10% ferrite.
It can be used for rough machining with a large margin, and can also be used for finishing, which greatly improves the machining efficiency and reduces the machining cost.
With the production of more and more high-hardness castings, this kind of cutting tool will be favored by more customers, and the market share will also have a great breakthrough in the future.
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(2) PCBN Insert
The PCBN cutting tool is to choose a better-cemented carbide substrate, and the CBN material is welded on the cutting edge of the blade. It has good wear resistance and is mainly used for finishing processes with a hardness above HRC45 and a small margin, and can obtain good smoothness and dimensional accuracy.
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(3) Brazing CBN Insert
Brazing CBN Insert has an integral top surface, sintered on a carbide substrate, providing multiple cutting edges on only one side of the tool. This kind of cutting tool is cheaper than the compound cutting tool and can be made into multi-edge, which greatly reduces the processing cost. But it is mainly used for the finishing process. It is better to control the cutting depth of one side within 0.3mm. It can realize high-speed turning and the finish can reach Ra0.8~0.4.
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