Tooling solutions for aerospace engine pylons

07 April 2023
The most difficult part of the machine on the engine pylon is the deep groove in the center. Depending on the specific working conditions, different processing methods can be used. Suitable for machining such parts with PCD tools.
Several Methods of Deep Groove Milling
Solution 1
Milling cutter heads are ideal if conditions are stable and the machine tool can provide high enough power and torque. This versatile PCD side-and-side milling cutter is characterized by high precision.
①Achieving high precision in the execution of numerous processes
High-quality surfaces, excellent metal removal rates, and a true 90° tip make this PCD milling cutter the most productive in its class.
②Adjustable spring-loaded knife holder box with serrations
The adjustable cassette design allows you to set the PCD milling cutter with high precision for precise slot dimensions. Additionally, this router features a spring-loaded pocket with serrations for safety and easy adjustment to the desired width.
③Internal cooling design solution
Internal coolant design controls heat in the cutting zone for a predictable, long insert life. It ensures excellent chip evacuation, which is a decisive factor for process security and improved groove quality.
pcd and pcbn cutting tools
Solution 2
Light and fast machining with high-feed PCD milling cutters.
High-feed milling cutters are increasingly being used on lighter machine tools to provide a brisk machining method. The depth of cut is small, but the feed per tooth of up to 1.0 mm achieves ideal metal removal rates.
Benefits of Using PCD Cutting Tools
▶Thin chip effect for high table feed – high productivity
▶First choice face milling tool in long overhang machining
▶Multipurpose knife. Face milling, capable of boring, ramping, and plunging
pcd and pcbn cutting tools
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