What materials are the CBN inserts suitable for processing? ——The advantage of CBN inserts

28 February 2023
Advantages of CBN inserts:
1. Higher hardness and abrasion resistance
Single crystal CBN microscopic hardness is HV8000 ~ 9000. It is a substance that is known after diamonds after diamonds, and its complex hardness is generally HV3000 ~ 5000.
2. Good thermal stability and high-temperature hardness
The highest heat resistance of CBN can reach 1500 ° C. At 800 ° C, the hardness of CBN is the normal hardness of Al2O3/TIC ceramics.
CBN is more advantageous than PCD because it has high-temperature resistance.
cbn inserts
3. Excellent chemical stability
CBN has a high antioxidant capacity. At 1000 ° C, it does not produce oxidation. At 1200 ~ 1300 ℃, CBN will not have a chemical reaction with iron materials.
4. Have good thermal conductivity and lower friction coefficient.
CBN inserts are suitable for processing workpiece materials:
1. High-hardness cast iron (hardness HSD75 or more)
Such as high -chromium cast iron, alloy cast iron, nickel hard cast iron, and white mouth cast iron are all high-hard cast iron. Typical parts include rollers and industrial pumps.
cbn inserts
2. High-hardness steel parts (hardness HRC45-68)
Such as high manganese steel, high-speed steel, quenching steel, etc. Typical parts include high-speed steel rolls, hard gear/gear shafts, bearings, rolling screws, molds, etc.
3. Ordinary gray cast iron (HT150/200/250/300)
Such as the engine cylinder/cylinder head, brake disc, brake drum, belt wheel, clutch plate, etc. are all gray cast iron.
4. Other difficult processing materials
Such as powder metallurgy, high-temperature alloy materials, nickel-based, iron-based, cobalt-based high-hardness pile welding/spray welding/laser melting/hot spray materials workpieces.
cbn inserts
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