The Method of Improving the Wear Resistance of Ceramic Inserts

22 February 2023

Whisker Series Ceramic Inserts

●Cutting speed

After increasing the cutting speed, the wear resistance increases, especially the boundary wear is significantly reduced.

Ceramic inserts

SiAlON Series Ceramic Inserts

●Cutting speed

After reducing the cutting speed, the wear resistance increases.

Ceramic inserts


Silicon nitride series ceramic inserts increase feed for increased wear resistance.

Silicon nitride series ceramic inserts have excellent defect resistance, and the increase in feed will not damage the inserts, which can shorten the processing cycle time, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

Ceramic inserts

※ The above processing conditions are just for testing, not recommended conditions.

※ When corner processing, please pay attention to reduce the feed rate by 25%.


Problems and Solutions


Countermeasures when peeling occurs                                                   Countermeasures when a defect occurs

Creamic inserts                                                    Ceramic inserts

▶Reduce feed                                                                                           ▶Reduce cutting speed and feed

▶Slightly enlarged tip treatment                                                              ▶Replace with a stronger blade

Ceramic inserts                                         Ceramic inserts

When the hardness of the material to be cut is unknown, it will take a long time to select the optimal cutting conditions.

Generally, when the hardness of the material to be cut becomes high, it is more effective to reduce the cutting speed.


Countermeasures when vibration occurs

In the machining of nickel-based heat-resistant alloys, chatter marks often occur due to increased cutting resistance.

Especially when using a tool holder with a large protruding amount for profiling and grooving, when processing thin workpieces and using low-rigidity processing equipment, chatter marks are prone to occur, and the blade is prone to abnormal wear and sudden damage.


Usually increasing the cutting speed and reducing the feed can reduce or eliminate chatter marks.

In addition, the following methods can be used:

●Change to a harder blade material

●Replace with an insert with a small inscribed circle or an insert with a small R angle

●The tip of the knife is treated as sharp as possible

●Change to Positive Inserts

●Reduce lead angle

●Protrusion shortened

●The tool holder is replaced with a material with better vibration resistance


Ceramic Inserts

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