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13 October 2021
CBN tool, a kind of super hard tool, is made of CBN powder as raw material, under the action of a small amount of binder using ultra-high temperature and high pressure technology. Because the CBN tool hardness is very high, it is very suitable for processing hardness greater than HRC50 and wear resistance of materials. CBN is what material CBN (cubic boron nitride), is made of hexagonal boron nitride (white stone ink) under high temperature and high pressure transformation, is a kind of super hard tool material developed after artificial diamond. CBN is a nonmetallic boride, its hardness is second only to diamond, far higher than high speed steel and hard alloy, so after making a tool, more suitable for processing hard alloy tool processing immovable material.
CBN tool CBN tool

(1) High hardness cast iron (hardness HSD75 or more) : such as high cast iron, alloy cast iron, nickel hard cast iron white cast iron are high hardness cast iron, typical parts are roller industrial pump, etc.. For bN-K1 and BN-K10 materials of high hardness cast iron, CBN tool has obvious advantages.

 (2) High hardness steel parts (hardness HRC45-68) : such as high manganese steel high speed steel, hardened steel, etc., typical parts include rolling mortar wall, high speed steel roller hardened gear/gear shaft, bearing ball screw mold, etc. For high hardness steel bN-S10, BN-S20, BN-S200, BN-H10, BN-H21 material advantages are obvious

 (3) Ordinary gray cast iron (HT150/200/250/300) : such as engine cylinder block/cylinder head, brake disc, brake drum belt wheel, clutch disc, etc., all belong to gray cast iron parts. Bn-s300 and BNK30 CBN tools can achieve high speed machining,

 (4) Other difficult to process materials: such as F51 duplex stainless steel, iron based powder metallurgy, Inconel 718 superalloy materials, and nickel based, iron based, cobalt based and other high hardness surfacing/spray welding/laser cladding/thermal spraying material workpiece. Bn-s300, BN-S200. Bn-k50, BNK30 and other material processing applications have obvious advantages.


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