Why does the 3C industry choose PCD tools?

18 November 2022
What are PCD and PCD Cutting Tools?
PCD, Polycrystalline Diamond is a composite superhard material sintered by diamond micropowder and binder cobalt under high temperature and ultra-high pressure (1400-1600℃, 5-7Gpa).
It has significant advantages such as high hardness, high wear resistance, high elastic modulus, isotropy and relatively high thermal conductivity.
PCD Cutting Tools are tools made by welding PCD composite sheets to carbide or steel cutter bodies.
PCD compacts combine the high hardness, wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and strength of single crystal diamond with the high flexural strength of tungsten carbide. The tungsten carbide layer of the compact provides mechanical support for the diamond layer, increasing its flexural strength.
Processing mistakes
The materials currently processed in the 3C industry are basically plastic + aluminum. And they all require the workpiece to have a good appearance after processing.
It is generally accepted that aluminum and plastics are easy to process. This is a big misunderstanding.
Aluminum products
Disadvantages of Carbide Tool Machining 3C Products
For 3C products, if they contain fiber reinforced plastics, if you want to obtain better appearance quality, use general carbide tools, and the tool life is basically about 100 pieces.
Especially in the current 3C industry, a large number of special-shaped contour processing, carbide tools want to ensure consistency, far from standard end mills so easy. Therefore, if the requirements for appearance parts are not reduced, the life of the carbide tool is about 100 pieces, which is determined by the characteristics of the carbide tool itself.
The advantages of PCD tool processing 3C products
PCD tool has strong wear resistance and low friction coefficient, and the consistency of the products processed by it is particularly good. As long as the PCD tool is done well, the tool life will definitely exceed a thousand. Therefore, at this point, there is no way for carbide cutting tools to compete with PCD cutting tools.
3c products
The key to PCD tool manufacturing
One of the keys to PCD cutting tool manufacturing technology is to improve the sharpening quality of the cutting edge.
If the high-quality cutter head material lacks the ideal sharpening process and technology, it will cause a waste of resources. Using a good sharpening process and a more suitable grinding wheel will improve the product quality of the tool and reduce the cost of tool production and use.
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