Customer case——Natural diamond cutting tool processing vision correction lenses

21 November 2022
Second order from a Russian customer
Customer's first order: Click on it
In the first reply, the Russian customer sent some pictures of the single crystal knives they are using now:
We are interested in diamond insertion tools made of natural diamonds.
diamond insertion tools
Tool drawings
The above picture is the drawing provided by the customer
Our salesman replied:
Thanks so much for your pictures and drawing.
The parameters are very clear.
We've certainly done this with similar natural diamond tools. I have put some pictures in the attachment, please check.
Natural Diamond ToolsNatural Diamond Tools
We all use imported machines and Coborn PG series grinding machines to complete the production. Ensure accuracy.
For small orders, we usually deliver in 10~13 days.

How are your single crystal tools regrinding now? We can also provide regrinding service.


We have received a reply from the customer:

We have a diamond tool repair shop not far from us.

How long will it take to make a trial batch of 5-10 pieces? Will the radius be as in photo 0.2 or 0.5 according to our request?
The height of the diamond?
What are the parameters of the rhomb to which the diamond is soldered?


We responded quickly:

The height of the diamond?

- 1mm

What are the parameters of the rhomb to which the diamond is soldered? 
-The welding between diamond and substrate is vacuum welding. The size of the exposed part of the diamond is 0.5.
After using the first order product, customers also quickly gave us comments:
Dear Miya,
At this moment your diamond tools have a good testing result!
Natural Diamond Tools
Thanks for the customer's approval, give us the second order.
On the second order, this Russian customer ordered 100 single crystal cutting tools!
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